PAGAN TANGO (Remastered. Red Vinyl)

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Newly remastered reissue of 1991's `Pagan Tango', depicting synth-pop pioneers Chris & Cosey stepping into a new decade with uncanny, atavistic traces of bygone exotica and ritual musicks. CHRIS CARTER & COSEY FANNI TUTTI's remastered limited edition vinyl series continues in 2023 with the release of Techno Primitiv (1985), Trust (1989) and Pagan Tango (1991) - all available on vinyl for the first time since their original release. The remastered albums will be available on coloured vinyl, each with a printed inner sleeve of archival photos, via CTI. Elemental 7, Muzik Fantastique!, and Feral Vapours of The Silver Ether were released earlier this year, and the series has seen many of Chris & Cosey's influential albums available on vinyl for the first time, giving listeners a new opportunity to revisit some of their celebrated catalogue. Pagan Tango - described by Melody Maker as "C&C formulating perfection" - originally released in 1991 on Wax Trax!, and sees the pair once follow their own hypnotic beat in new directions. The album was originally presented ten years after C&C's legendary debut `Heartbeat', a decade in which they deployed no fewer than 10 albums, and acted as spirit-guides for the post-industrial era's phase shift to synth-pop and new wave. In title and function `Pagan Tango' echoes an occult thrust that underlined their music since the beginning and would parallel and dovetail themes of PTV, a rising new age consciousness, and neo-folk. It features Chris Carter continuing to refine his drum programming to whirring, intricate latin trills and triplets best for dancing (and which pissed on anything coming from Gen's apocryphal club projects, for example), and comparable with prevailing energies of body music, latin freestyle electro, Washington Go-Go and new jack swing, as much as the pagan tango of the record's title. Chris' rhythms would nothing without Cosey's sensual vox and cornet, found here like a sleek, gynoid cyberpunk presence mixed beautifully clear and wide across their retro-futurist projections. From the off they move perpendicular to trends, with `Ecstasy' clearly referencing the '91 drug du jour, but quite unlike its conventions, before the album sashays between echoes of `Exotica' in 'Synaesthesia', to the taut EBM of `Take Control' or `Sin' and its kinky title tune, via sultrier downstrokes in `Face to Face', the new jack swanger `Feel to Me', and Washington funk of `Go-Go Latino', with the pair's energies and sound design most hallucinatory in `Sacred Silence'.




PAGAN TANGO (Remastered. Red Vinyl) :

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