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3 high quality Vinyls in beautiful Deluxe GATEFOLD SLEEVE with wide spine!

Nearly 150 minutes of previously unreleased Coil recordings
All written and recorded between 1993 to 1996. Selected and assembled by Danny Hyde [Electric Sewer Age, ex-Coil, ex-Psychic TV, ex-Black Light District] from the studio archives. Commissioned artwork by Steven Stapleton, from a recalled dream by John Balance.
All mastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition) in a Cage Studio.


A1 Spastiche [5:42]
A2 Heaven's 98 Horror mst [11:52]
A3 Siminon Master Backwards (Swanyard demo) [6:28]

B1 Jhon's House Tune from GM Guide - Protection [5:36]
B2 Spastiche (basic) [6:46]
B3 AYOR Master (It's in my Blood) [6:40]
B4 Original Amber Rain (demo) [4:51]

C1 Wur CLK Wir 1993 [2:05]
C2 Crumb Tune (master) [6:00]
C3 The March of Time (extra version) [8:56]
C4 Spastiche - The Night's alive (master) [5:34]
C5 Kusnir Jazz [2:39]

D1 Heavens Blade (John Balance vox demo) [7:25]
D2 Wur CLK Wir 1998 mst vox [18:35]

E1 The Test early mst [2:17]
E2 AYOR (extra version) [4:29]
E3 Elves (master) [6:35]
E4 Heaven's Blade (Inst) 1993 [8:24]
E5 Melotron Song (amber rain demo) [2:51]

F1 March of more Time (master) 1993 [6:27]
F2 Crumb Tune [4:20]
F3 Simon (extra long) [6:10]
F4 Egyptian Basses 1993 [7:18]



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