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Sirius Signals is a new limited edition CD from Farpoint Recordings featuring the work of Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro inspired by her residency at the old Royal Cork Yacht Club/Sirius Art Centre in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. Her work exemplifies sonic fictions containing imaginary signal tones, transmission codes, wireless pulses and dreamed resonant routes in the fog.

My starting points included fictional radio frequencies created in the artist’s apartment in Sirius Arts Centre at the water’s edge. They were inspired by the harbour’s audiosphere, Marconi’s experiments in Mizen Head and his floating laboratory Elettra, shipwreck cartography and departure chronicles in this part of the Irish coast, and it’s navigation communication history and narratives.
(Nad Spiro, July 2017)

The CD package contains six tracks including ‘Wireless Conquers Fog’, ‘Heartbreak Pier’ and ‘Sparks and Clouds’. The artwork features a lovely full colour fold out card sleeve featuring notes by Rosa on the project. First edition is limited to only 300 and each copy is hand numbered.

Since 2000, the Basque born musician, Rosa Arruti, has been working under the anonymous alias Nad Spiro: her solo venture that sets out to build a world of electronic textures and sound fictions from a complex processed guitar set-up. As a guitarist, she has divided her time between playing with some of Barcelona’s most cutting edge bands, as well as international collaborations with the likes of My Cat Is An Alien, Kim Cascone, The Asterism and MK Ibáñez. Her records have been released by the pioneering Spanish experimental label, Geometrik.

With thanks to Miranda Driscoll and Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Ireland for their kind support.




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