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This is the first solo album of Moritz R and he does attach importance on the fact that it was almost exclusively made by himself alone. To Der Plan enthusiasts it may be interesting to be able to compare the musical solo works of all three members now - and notice the diversity this band has always embraced.
The album itself is a mix of pop songs, experimental tracks and collage-like aggregations. If it was a radio station it would be filed under ?eclectic’. ?I just let myself drift in every direction I felt like moving; after all it was my own music - no need to explain to anybody, no discussions. That’s why the album is called ?Nach Herzenslust”, a German expression meaning ?to one’s heart’s content” or ?ad libitum”. During the last decades in an ever more controlled world, I have found that the one thing I love above all is freedom. So maybe this is my tribute to freedom.”
* Mastering: Pyrolator
* 20-page booklet included
* Only Japan release




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