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‘Brave Sketches’ is an album that contains 24 fantastic unreleased songs and rough demo-Versions from the early days of electro/synth pop and new wave. The tracks selected for this release were carefully restored and converted to digital from a number of old reel tapes that were discovered in the attic of Richard Bone. The songs were professionally mastered for vinyl and are now brought to you in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies on beautiful solid red wax, inside a very tasteful deluxe gatefold jacket that was specially designed in Sweden.

 Richard Bone (1952) is considered one of the founding members of the New York electronic music scene. He began composing songs and improvisational pieces using the very first commercially available synthesizers as early as 1979. The exploration of electronics in underground pop and the new wave sounds of the early 1980s continued until the middle of that decade. At that point Richard's music began to reflect his admiration for the pioneering works of Harold Budd and Brian Eno.




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