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Francisco López presents seven sonic collages on the 62’ Untitled (2020).

Bricolages of looped recorded materials whose macromovements most often come from changes in dynamics and the density of layers. Its sounds are often mysterious, simultaneously appearing recognizable and unfamiliar, and coalesce into singular moods no matter their disparate components, perhaps recontextualizing. The poltergeist of “#385” in its clicking meter, low-end sounded-cistern reverberations, guttural ghost vocal, and a churning insectoid gyre. The technonoir of “#384” in its glittering glitching crashing modemsong, Screwed-up phrasings, and industrial spank. The imagined radio of “#389,” its squall of buzz, zap, rustle, and shake from which criss-crossing conversations arise in Nashville confusion the waves of carriers with no modulating content somehow sounded. Hand in hand with how these sounds maybe gain new meaning in these new ecologies to form new narratives, the text of all voices - save for some descriptions in “#389” - is manipulated to minimize its intelligibility while maintaining its intonations and emotivity, allowing sound and not language to determine the narrative. Except in the case of the EVP in “#385,” which is naturally - or supernaturally - given the benefit of language despite its lack of text, and “#386” and “#397,” which might contain no voice but - especially given the strong presence of voice everywhere else - I suspect is birdsong recorded underwater, an anthropomorphized language.


UNTITLED (2020) :

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