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The artistic and personal relationship between Rafael Flores and Francisco López goes back practically to the beginning of their respective careers, which in this 2020 will be 40 years old, when they worked under the pseudonyms of Comando Bruno and El Internado respectively, both of them being already very active and recognized in the international scene of experimental audio.

After an intense and enriching exchange of recordings, a common practice in the days of the so-called “cassette culture”, their first collaboration took shape in 1985 with the making of the video “Cuestiones de Internado” by Rafael Flores for which Francisco López contributed the soundtrack and which would be premiered at the International Video Exhibition of the Colegio Mayor Chaminade in Madrid commissioned by Marcelo Expósito.

A year later López would give his first live performance presenting his “Concierto para las hormigas termomeditarráneas” in the Casa de la Cultura in Andújar of which Flores was then the director. Also in 1987, Francisco López would sound a new video by Rafael Flores, “Frío / Calor”, which premiered at the I Bideoaldia Video International Festival in Donosti / San Sebastián.

In the winter of 1986/87 they recorded a duet in the studios of the Radio Andújar station “Frío”, an extensive sound work that would be edited by the German label Tonspur Tapes in double cassette format of 50 minutes each.

When the possibility of a reissue of this work arises in 2020, both Flores and López agree to propose a revision / reworking / updating of that sound material preferable to the mere reproduction of the old cassettes in CD format.

As a result of this reformulation, both authors have created two new pieces, based on those historic recording sessions, Francisco López with “Frío 2020 (Recombined)” and Rafael Flores with “Frío 2020 (Defrosted)”, which are now released on compact disc by the Wet Dreams Records label.


FRÍO 2020 :

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