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The Wonderand album is composed and produced by Jeff Mills, originally from Detroit where he learned percussion and drums at an early age who became to be a world-renowned figure of Techno Dance Music but who was greatly inspired by the Jazz Rock Fusion, New Wave and Industrial Body Music bands of the 1970 and 80s. We can see its influence in the way he approaches Dance music today – the genre of music and form in which he’s became and still remains highly noted for. Here, Mills clearly displays his skill as a composer and musician. A side of him where his wider understanding of music is purposed exposed.

The idea to create such a concept came from the idea called “slow life”.  A slower approach to aspects of everyday life. Where the pace of time is stretched to a less detectable tempo. It’s been suggested that a fast-paced environment can resemble chaotic nature, while the notion of ‘slowing down’ or “pulling back” implies that people would be able to enjoy life more. And it is this aspect of “more” that steered the direction and construction of this LP. Composed during and throughout the current COVID 19 pandemic, it is obvious to apply this concept relaxed time into the making of this album .



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