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LP: limited edition 210 copies. Orange vinyl.

"The European avantgarde-trio AMBULATORIO SEGRETO consisted of Stefano Barban (Italy), Miguel A. Ruiz (Spain; also active as 'Ventral Metaphor', 'Orfeon Gagarin') and Siegmar Fricke (Germany; also active as 'Bestattungsinstitut' and 'Pharmakustik') - three legendary (and still very prolific) musicians who formed an integral part of the experimental tape-scene at that time. The trio that existed between 1988 and 1993 produced ten cassettes in Vicenza (Italy), Madrid (Toracic studio, Spain) and Wilhelmshaven (Pharmakustik studio, Germany) and took part in many cassette-compilations worldwide. AMBULATORIO SEGRETO's musical style was never clearly defined - instead contradictory sound-elements such as emphasized beats, catchy melodies, vocal samples, strange loop-constructions and gloomy ambiences were main parameters of their work. The equipment was minimal but used in the most effective and creative way: sampling, rhythm-boxes, digital- and analogue synths, multi-effectors.

SEZIONE TRASVERSALE is a schizophrenic amalgam of representing pieces, selected in 2021 by Siegmar Fricke at Pharmakustik-studio from the original mastertapes and arranged to a fresh, dramatic and powerful mixflow. A mental flashback to the 'Café contemporain' of a still intact and 'economically shiny' Europe...more than thirty years ago."
Siegmar Fricke, July 2021



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